Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

Baby Massage 

Our soothing Baby Massage sessions nurture relaxation for parents and their babies through gentle and controlled strokes and movement that will not only calm and enhance your already love-filled bond through quality time shared.

Other benefits can include: 

  1. helps to calm for more peaceful sleep for your baby
  2. can reduce crying & fussiness 
  3. stimulates oxytocin (the happy hormone) 
  4. alleviates common niggles such as constipation and colic

 It is important to note that massage stimulates the central nervous system and makes the brain produce more serotonin (a-good chemical) and less cortisol (the hormone that’s secreted in response to stress). As a result your baby’s heart rate and breathing slows down so he/she becomes more relaxed. These classes run over 5 weeks.

Baby Yoga 

Small, slow and controlled movements are used to create body awareness and help with natural growth and development. These wonderful sessions enhance playful interaction and communication between parent and baby. Baby Yoga can involve light stretching, holds, body strokes, twists, quiet play and is yet another wonderful opportunity for quality time with your little one.

Some additional benefits:

  1. perfectly compliments the benefits of baby massage
  2. eases transitions of developmental milestones
  3. includes playful rhymes and singing to encourage interaction through movement
  4. improves non-verbal communication between parent and baby
  5. provides parents with a safe and nurturing environment to learn best practices, answering questions and concerns where possible
  6. encourages baby to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle from an early age 

 These classes run over 5 weeks.