Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

Babies are naturally supple and agile. Our soothing programs nurture relaxation for new mums and their babies through either baby massage or baby yoga.

Small, slow and controlled movements are used to create body awareness and help with natural growth and development. These wonderful sessions enhance playful interaction and communication between parent and baby. Baby yoga sessions can involve light stretching, holds, body strokes, twists, quiet play and even singing! It’s a truly intimate and rewarding experience for everyone.

Baby yoga is a more active form of baby massage, and they are best experienced in alternating sessions. Parents are encouraged to enjoy these moments as much as their infants, as it’s an equal opportunity for them to relax and unwind.

  • use power of touch to soothe and heal
  • increases skin to skin contact
  • perfect bonding opportunity for anyone that cares for your baby
  • improves confidence in handling of your baby (great for nervous dads!)
  • may help boost muscle development to allow baby thrive and grow
  • stimulates oxytocin (the happy hormone) in babies for better sleep and overall demeanour
  • possibly helps relieve colic, constipation and teething pains
  • stimulates central nervous system for overall health and emotional well-being
  • most significant results can be seen with infants with feeding and sleeping difficulties
  • can help moms overcome symptoms of post-natal depression
  • an inclusive set of practices that enhance interaction and communication between care-giver and baby
  • perfectly complements the benefits of baby massage
  • appropriately calms and stimulates baby
  • positive environment for increased sense of security and well-being
  • eases transitions of developmental milestones
  • involves gentle stretches, twists and movements
  • combined parent/baby relaxation techniques
  • includes playful rhymes and singing to encourage interaction through movement
  • promotes better quality sleep for baby
  • helps relieve baby’s frustration of moving up a developmental stage
  • improves non-verbal communication
  • provides parents with a safe and nurturing environment to learn best practices and have questions and concerns addressed professionally
  • encourages baby to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle from an early age