The best childcare toolkit for your nanny

What better way to educate and stimulate your child from a young age than by involving your nanny? Our nurturing nanny programs are currently being developed for babies and children up to the age of two years. They will equip each nanny with a toolbox of activities for both her and your child to enjoy stimulated play at home together.

Additionally, each nanny will undergo certified paediatric first aid training that will give you the peace of mind knowing that your child is in the best of care when you are not around for any unforeseen emergencies, should there be any.

Nannies who have gone through the program have shown increased self-worth and greater responsibility towards the children in their care. Equally there is so much benefit for the babies under these trained nannies who are able to better stimulate their charges with age-appropriate activities and toys.

This fabulous program will be the first of it’s kind in Dubai and is already getting a ton of enquiries. Don’t miss out!